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Originally published on December 18, 2023

Virginia 2024 High Demand Occupations Dashboard

The 2024 High Demand Occupations Dashboard is a user-friendly tool designed to provide access to the 2024 High Demand Occupations List and core labor market data for all Virginia occupations. It offers vital information such as current employment, median annual earnings, average annual openings, and a five-year workforce projection for each occupation. The dashboard also highlights how each occupation aligns with various programs, including the Workforce Credential Grant/Fast Forward, G3 funding, Registered Apprenticeship, and the STEM workforce. Users have the flexibility to tailor the data to their region by selecting a Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) or Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and can further refine their search based on specific career clusters, pathways, and entry-level education requirements.

Click here to watch the Dashboard tutorial video

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